Thursday, October 13, 2016

Welfare Fraud and Regulation of Attraction - How Is Your Life Going for You?

At this time I read in an online news report that -in Australia- "WELFARE cheats, tax rorters and crooked public servants are ripping off more than $600 million a 12 months as a part of a fraud epidemic throughout the Commonwealth". That is a total of about 800,000 incidents of fraud, thereby lifting the cost of welfare fraud up by 10% to A$489,000,000.

Staggering fact: "Young individuals ripping off the dole and single mums on parental funds emerged as the biggest - and costliest - teams of [welfare] frauds".

Another staggering truth is that not solely the welfare RECIPIENTS are "playing the sport"; a part of the welfare fraud can be blamed on the public servants who implement the foundations. Credit card misuse, and acquiring and utilizing private info are the biggest "no-no's" with regards to this group of welfare frauds.

Staggering, thoughts blowing and unlawful as these actions could also be, it begs a more profound, more universal query: how are these welfare fiddlers doing on the Personal Duty front? Or, in different words: "how's your life been working out for you, recently?"

In coaching, whether it is life coaching or business teaching, I work with the concept of Private Accountability. Put merely, this is the way it works.

When one thing occurs in your life, you could have 3 ways to reply:

Blame: you can faux it's not your fault, and really level fingers at someone else. "I am unable to help that I've no money; s/he took all of it from me once we break up up".

Justification: you'll be able to pretend outside circumstances induced your hardship. "If solely the World Financial Crisis hadn't occurred, I would not be in so much doo doo in the present day".

Personal Duty: No matter what brought about your scenario, you cope with it. "For some cause, this happened in my life. Now I will discover a method to get by it".

Many people have a really tough time with personal accountability, as the implications of accepting private responsibility are far-reaching:

You can't point fingers anymore at anyone, not even yourself.

You cannot justify your current crappy scenario anymore by looking at the past.

You need to accept that "what is, is", and that YOU are the one that has to vary, not the "what is-ness".

I do know, it is SO simple, and in a way comforting to be able to transfer responsibility away from yourself to something or someone else, however ultimately it'll chew you within the butt. The Regulation of Attraction, or the Pull Principle (or Factor), as I now like to call it, will emphasise the predominant intent these folks have been dealing with, and my guess is that that intent was not too great.

Why, oh why, would you wish to lower your private requirements, and do something that probably is beneath your individual sense of self-price? I know, times can get powerful, and situations can get dire (I have achieved more than sufficient prison instances in my authorized life to know that there may loads of seemingly understandable "reasons" to commit crimes). Still, I've but to satisfy an individual who does NOT have any guilt, disgrace, grief or remorse over committing welfare fraud. That signifies that these individuals have DEFINITELY lowered their sense of self-price, otherwise they would NOT have committed these offences -that's the upshot of taking private duty!

This doesn't imply they are going to be "punished" or are "mistaken" from the Regulation of Attraction's/Pull Precept's perspective; there's no ethical indictment, here. It merely implies that -to paraphrase it- what they're doing to others, will probably be achieved unto them as well, in methods that are not but identified. Law of Attraction and Legislation of Trigger and Effect work hand in hand, in this matter. These welfare frauds may properly need to deal with moral issues, but they'll be either private, or of the authorized kind...

The one means out of this quagmire of spiralling-out-of-management results will probably be to personal up, to face the results of 1's actions, nevertheless extreme they could seem to be. There are plenty of highly effective coaching techniques to assist you with that. And obviously you don't have to be in it as

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