Saturday, June 9, 2012

Commercial Trailers Clearance Sale, Deferred Payment Program

As potential buyers have been disillusioned by higher gas prices, food cost worries and personal housing problems, the lenders with their own excess inventory problems have also come up deferred payment programs as an incentive for the prospective buyers. As an additional dealer/lender incentive, an original down payment is required from the customer but the second payment may be deferred up to 75 days, for a selected inventory group, Check out an example below:

Your have access to this great opportunity from a Dealer/Lender on their special off lease and repo program. Lessees can maximize their earning potential by deferring your first payment after funding for no less than 60 days. Gives the customers an opportunity for even more earning potential in the first months of their lease!

Here's how it works: Lessees choose an asset from the list that is available from the dealer. Complete all normal documentation for funding and submit it to the lender Complete a special addendum and submit it as a part of your documentation package. Complete the above steps and you are able to push out their first payment after funding for at least 60 days (up to 75 days, depending on date of funding). Take advantage of this unique opportunity now. To be eligible, the deal must fund by July 31, 2008.

When you pick up your equipment, you will drive off with a 0 fuel card in their pocket! Program Benefits for All Lessees and Assets

Waived processing fee - processing fee means only the first payment is required in advance .

Start-ups and challenged credit commonly approved on all equipment types. All ages and types of companies are eligible for approvals on the inventory, including start-ups and proprietorships for over-the-road trucks and trailers and forestry equipment First payment in advance only, Documentation and up-front payments must be received by July 31, 2008.

Extend the term length for lower monthly payments. Extend the term length for a lower first payment due in advance.

Take advantage of these specials today! As you see from this example, these concessions could sway the buyer for making a consideration for this program. No payments up to 75 days can be a stimulus to a sagging sales force. Additionally, other lenders are giving away gas cards as well to entice the deals. First Payment Only programs, no payments for 75 days, 60 months to repay regardless of age, favorable buy out clauses, easier credit qualifications, prior bankruptcies waived, additional co-signors ok, and start up businesses welcome are just some of the changes the dealers must consider to get the buyers' interest.

The type of items we are going to identify as potential deals for the customer are the following types of trailers:

End dump, bottom dump, side dump, belly dump, pup, flatbed, refrigerated, dry van, dump deck, live bottom, gooseneck, drop deck, utiltiy, wabash and great dane

In conclusion, this is a buyers market for commercial trucks, trailers, and construction equipment. Check out all the deals in the market and make sure that you have a stable income base to assume whatever debt that you may occur.

Happy hunting for your acquistion.

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