Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Do You Need High-Quality Annuity Leads?

Many agents purchase (so-called) annuity leads from third-party vendors, hoping for an annuity sale, but instead the agents lost money.

The majority of third-party annuity leads are pre-set appointments. Yes, these appointments are set, but they are worthless. Lead companies that sell pre-set appointments uses a foreign telemarketing unit, usually based in the Philippians.
These telemarketers are paid only when they make appointments, which leads to problems for the agent. I purchased 0 worth of pre-set annuity appointments from a third-party lead company.

I called each third-party lead, spoke with the prospect, and each of them told me a similar story. Yes, they spoke to someone in regards to making an appointment, but they did not make an appointment. The prospects explained to the telemarketer they were only interested in information, and did not want to make an appointment.

The telemarketer just could not understand (in clear terms) what the prospect wanted, and agreed to an appointment just to get the person off the phone.

When I confirmed the appointment, I thought to myself, at least one lead is going to pan-out. When I got to the house, it was run-down, and the when the women answered the door, she was wearing clothes from the 1950'sI knew I been burned once again.

I have even been on an appointment, were the prospect threatened to call the police if I did not leave the premises immediately. She still called the police. I showed the police officer the lead, and he just rolled his eyes, letting me go.

What does an honest agent need to do to make a living? I kept wondering; "Are there (truly) legit third-party annuity lead companies, which you can buy leads?"
Next, I tried a postcard lead company. They had a great pitch about how their lead card program had a 3 percent return, so I committed to a test of 0 for this project.

This particular lead company explained to me; that once they receive the postcard back from the prospect, they would call the prospect, confirm the appointment, and then fax me the lead. Ok, this sounds interesting, and I waited three weeks for my first lead.

When the first leads came in, I was overwhelmed with hope. I could not wait to get to the first appointment. Just like before, I called to confirm the appointment before I drove two hours to the prospects home.

Again, I was completely let-down from what I heard on the telephone. They proclaimed they just want free information, not an appointment. So, I asked them; "Why did you make an appointment?" All the prospects had a similar response to my question.

They explained that they only wanted free information sent to them. They did not want to commit to a full-blown appointment. I asked all the prospects; "Did you understand the telemarketer who made the appointment?"

Again, I had similar answers by all of the prospects. They told me; "Either they could not understand (in clear terms) what the telemarketer was saying, or they agreed with them, just to get them off the phone."

I asked the prospects: "Was the telemarketer was a foreign telemarketer?" They responded, and told me the person who called was from India.

Now, everything concerning pre-set appointments where coming in to sharp focus. My final thoughts on pre-set annuity leads, is don't buy pre-set annuity leads.

I remember hearing some positive feedback from agents concerning internet leads, so I did some research, and bought 10 leads for 0 from a respected lead source.

They wanted their money in advance, which was ok, as long as they did not request a check or certified funds sent to them.

They even told me, if there were any bad leads, they would replace the leads with new leads. So, I went along with the program, since I was desperate for commissions.
I found out these leads went to a website on finance, and were asked several questions on various topics relating to retirement, and were sent a free cd in the mail on retirement.

I called all the prospects, and only one lead was actually willing to see me. Figures! The company replaced the other nine leads, four times. This means this company gave me thirty-six replacement leads that were worthless. They ended-up not returning my call, so I stop calling, and chalked it up as a learning experience.

I started wondering if there were such a thing as "high-quality" annuity leads, which the prospect went to the internet and requested an appointment directly with an agent. I found-out there is a company that sells high-quality annuity leads. The prospect is trained in annuity planning (online) before you see them, and they are eager to set the appointment (themselves). Now, that's a high-quality annuity lead!

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