Saturday, April 21, 2012

Danger Of Leech Oil

Leech contain "hirudin" enzyme that is used as a blood thinner problem if there is frozen blood frozen blood in the channel. NOT leech oil material contain of enzyme and if the oil used in the loan being applied to the penis with the goal to expand the penis is clearly wrong, because the "hirudin" as a material to melt frozen blood and NOT raising the network penis cell. Currently, many oil & cream contains loan sold through the internet for the purpose of raising it. There have been studies that can raise the size of the penis so use will be useless! Although the oil may have any posts original loan.

Drug traders to take advantage of Myth plow profits selling oil to the loan because of ignorance many men. Usually purchase Leech OIL (oil leech) is accompanied by technical usage, So this is the secret "technical" that is the fact that you can enlarge the Corpora cavernosa cells, but not the oil, Unfortunately techniques is given by an amateur, make home made, very bad, just copy a free method and of course very limited in technical training, so the result clearly futile course, and you will continue to depend on the loan to buy oil and other similar drugs.

Sex related loan using the oil in the penis with the purpose of sex is a powerful way that is very dangerous if the vagina moist easy pairing, use of oil will disrupt the loan conditions in the vagina and causes changes in the germs "good" in the vagina and are not directly causing bacteria " pathogenic "(bad bacteria) breed in the vagina. If the vagina dry, should be used based lubricant that is easily dissolved in water (not oil leech / Leech oil) and bacteria that do not disrupt the "good" that already exist in the vagina, there is no good for the vagina with the use of oil and of loan not good for health and dangerous because if your partner will be infected is very dangerous for the womb! Your penis will experience side effects if a bad loan that you use oil that still contain the bacteria / harmful germs (especially not registered by Department of Health), which can lead to impotency, irritation to the penis dangerous infection in the period.

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